About us


While the last unobtrusively melancholic sounding Karmakab song rings from my headphones, I go up the steps of the Peakrider Studios where the band have their rehearsal room. I've already seen Karmakab live a few times and would like to take them under management. I hear a loud stimulated conversation paired with the scent of freshly ground coffee from the kitchen of the studio and meet the guitarist and singer Josh Pschunder, who has abviously drunk lots and I mean lots of coffee, while "Hellmood Asperger" (bass guitar) continues to euphorically speak about the new album. Drummer David Suhlrie, who only recently joined the band, is also working on his music studies in Hamburg. Because I’m interested in the people behind the music and the varying musical influences, I’d like to get to know them better.

Josh, how did you get into music? "I wanted a guitar at the age of 4, obviously hoping with a childish naivety and intuition that this would make a good impression on the domestic disastrousness. Unfortunately, the much-hoped-for harmony did not really happen later on!"

Josh, how would you describe your childhood? "Hopefully hopeless!!! I went to a Catholic private school and the morning confession was a daily ritual! I somehow always had a guilty conscience! Because of my physical underdevelopment, they also wanted to put me back a year. Those who where meant to be responsible for my well-being changed their minds and I wasn’t transferred to a different year and class.


This however did not improve my relationship with my father. The guitar was like a soul mate to me, helping me to deal with the change between paternal withdrawal and maternal affection. After one incident with my German teacher, he declaring that I was superfluous and that I was only taking the air to breathe from the other pupils - the way to the stage was somehow paved ... the air is known to be thinner there. "

How would you understand your style of music?
As “dandy” indie pop. While indie already has a certain independence in itself, is dandyism a life style of independence from bourgeois constraints as well as a casual relationship with money. The world is bad and is destined to ruin. Many artists were or are dandies. Beau Brummell, who is the first representative of the dandy, did indeed land in the madhouse. We try to preserve ourselves and maybe even one or the other from this with our music.

What about you "Hellmood"? "I think ...... .. I’m alright......... ok, in a way! After realizing that both, in addition to the wonderful music, still have something in common - a mailbox phobia, I leave the studio and look forward to both a creative and successful collaboration.

Florian Hiske